The Young Rascals Experience November 1967

Posted: August 27, 2011 in 1967

The Nickel Revolution had a very good relationship with our agent, Dick Shapiro of Central Booking Agency. We came from business families and knew the importance of being on time. The importance of being reliable and following through. So, when Dick needed a band he trusted to be the Minneapolis Ambassadors for The Young Rascals, he called upon The Nickel Revolution.

It was November 1967 and the Young Rascals were one of the hottest bands in the USA when their tour came to Minneapolis. Dick Shapiro booked the group and WDGY was the presenting radio station for the concert at Minneapolis Auditorium. 

The Nickel Revolution met the Rascals at the airport, helped them sort out their equipment and loaded it into the Nickel Revolution van and trailer for transport to the Minneapolis Auditorium.

Before the concert and after the concert, we were invited to hang out backstage with The Young Rascals and had a blast getting to know them better.

The Saturday night concert was a huge success for Dick Shaprio of Central Book and WDGY. We were thrilled to play a small part in it. On Sunday, we met the band at their hotel, and helped transport everything back to the airport. Again, we walked them down to their gate, still having a blast.

Enjoy the photos from our experience!

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