Pre-Nickel Appearance with Dick Gregory

Posted: October 14, 2011 in 1967

Early in 1967, The Inchanters (pre-Nickel Revolution name) would take a 400 Mile RoadTrip (keep in mind, everyone was still in high school) to play in concert with Dick Gregory on Saturday, March 18, 1967. The venue was Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, Missouri (near St Joseph, Missouri).

Dick Gregory had a powerful talent for combining comedy with his civil rights activism. The band was looking forward to this gig that Dick Shapiro of Central Booking Alliance had arranged for them as Dick Gregory was well known and often appeared on network television, especially late shows like Johnny Carson and Steve Allen. Also appearing in concert was The Bagdad Orchestra (big band swing). So, The Inchanters were included to entice the university rockers to attend.

Visit Dick Gregory here:

It was a wonderful opportunity, especially backstage, to meet and interact with Dick Gregory. A fine gentleman filled with wit and humor. Learning about him today will reveal how important a part he played in bringing civil rights front and center—no longer shoved to the back of the bus. This was a rare opportunity for a white rock band from Minnesota and the guys were grateful for the invitation (plus universities paid well too).

The line-up in the band at this time was Ron “Honeybear” Hort (keyboards), Jeff Simon (lead guitar), Scott Jeffy (bass), Louie Lenz (rhythm guitar) and Jerry Lenz (drums).

Road Trip Photos

* Special mention to Louie and Jerry’s younger brother Allen Lenz: “thanks brother for scribbling all over my Dick Gregory autograph!”

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