The Nickel Revolution Remembers Mickey Larson

Posted: December 2, 2011 in 1969

In planning the reunion and getting in touch with the various members of The Nickel Revolution, it was shocking to learn that one of our best musicians and singers, Mickey Larson had passed away. With this entry in to The Nickel Revolution, we pay tribute to Mickey.

Upon Ron “Honeybear” Hort’s exit from the band, Mickey was recruited by Keith Luer. Both Keith and Mickey were from Wisconsin. It was 1969 and The Nickel Revolution was a high-earning band as our rates had escalated from the record release and the group was always a high draw for ballrooms and club owners. Keith contacted Mickey and learned he was between bands and was looking to join a group in Minneapolis. It was a very quick process and Mickey was in the band overnight and was such an accomplished musician that it was easy for him to slide into position. He had a strong background before joining the Nickel, including having worked with The Dick Clark Show Band, Chuck Berry, The Everly Brothers and others.

After the Nickel Revolution, Mickey played in various groups including the Tongue Band and finally formed his own band, The Mickey Larson Band. You can see Mickey Larson in action with the Tongue Band in 1974 on this You Tube video

Although it is a very rough video to see clearly, you can hear Mickey’s vocals and excellent keyboard work.

Mickey Larson (Michael K. Larson) – Born February 17, 1947. Died August 12, 2004 (Throat cancer).

In addition to being a professional musician, excellent vocalist and creative individual, Mickey was the guru of groupies. He certainly had a big following. On one particular night, Mickey was entertaining a young girl who was instantly in love with him. I am pretty sure it was one of our many nights at the London Inn in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. She wanted to stay in touch with Mickey and asked if she could write him (yup…no email or Facebook in 1969). Mickey replied, “Sure.” When she asked for his address he rattled off  “423 Roosevelt Street, Minneapolis, MN.” Then the young woman asked Mickey how to spell “Roosevelt” and dumbfounded, Mickey looked at me and said, “Jerry, spell Rosevelt for her.” I teased him about that one for a long time to come. A good musician and vocalist, full of fun and laughs and I will miss seeing him at the reunion. You remain in our thoughts and hearts Mickey!

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  1. zenhog says:

    Mickey was quite a friend to me in his later years. I met him in Glendale CA when he was working as a Harley mechanic (and he was a heck of a bike builder) doing some maintenance on my bike. We were both Wisconsin transplants and immediately grew into a friendship. I discovered his passing when I went to a bike shop near Wausau (Rider’s Depot) and saw a poster of the Mickey Larson Band. I asked the owner when they were playing next and the conversation started about Mickey and the fact that he was now gone. Turns out the last bike he built – for himself as a therapy project while he was fighting his cancer – was at that shop and Linda was thinking of selling it! I called her, left a check with the owners for her and drove off that day with the bike. Still have it, and every time I take her out I have great memories of Mickey from the 13 or so years we were friends. He never lost his optimism or sense of humor and I bet he was a hoot to hang with in his younger years.
    Craig Nelson
    Now in St Louis area.

  2. woody says:

    RIp! Your old bandmate and friend! ! Luv ya WOODY!!

  3. Linda Larson says:

    Hi everybody! Thanks so much for this great tribute. Brings back some memories . I love the whole website. Hi to Woody and Craig too! Remember the London Inn, HoneyBear was on keyboard when I first saw t.he band . Then saw the new keyboard player, Mickey and married him eventually. We were married almost 30 years when he passed in 2004. I’m back in E.C. after all this time, near Keith, see ya in the hood,Keith. Wish I could be there with you tonight and I’ll be thinking of you . Rock on.
    Love, Linda

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