Nickel Revolution Salutes Dick Clark

Posted: April 19, 2012 in 1968
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The Nickel Revolution played throughout the Midwest from the mid-sixties to 1970, starting with teen clubs and University of  Minnesota Frat parties, moving on the all the top venues and appearing in concert with many national acts, a short recording contract with Mercury Records (Phillips label), and a national TV appearance on UPBEAT, filmed in Cleveland, OH.

The Nickel Revolution’s Phillips release was even featured on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. Here’s how it happened, as Dick was surveying the nation, he called on KDWB in Minneapolis to ask for their hottest pick. At the time, The Nickel Revolution’s Oscar Crunch, was crushing the top ten in the band’s hometown. And so, the silly bubble gum song by the Nickel Revolution was played on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. KDWB had alerted the band that their 45 would be featured on the show, so we were glued to the TV set to “watch” Dick intro the song and play our single (as crappy a song as it was). Every once in a while a crumb falls from the master’s table and the Nickel Revolution was fortunate to have a sliver of a connection to one of the geniuses of rock and roll.

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