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Scroll Down to see complete details on The Nickel Revolution’s Reunion on Saturday, September 1, 2012. Sharing a few random photos in this post (actually, just an easy way to get your attention and remind you of the reunion). Get on the list now! We are starting to max out the venue and we want to save a spot for you.


Nickel Revolution 1968 or1969 Photo: Jerry, Louie, Ron, Scott and Keith

Nickel Revolution 1967 or 1968: Jerry, John, Louie, Kent, Scott

Nickel Revolution 1967 or 1968: Ron, Jerry, Kent, Scott


Make Plans Now for The Nickel Revolution’s Reunion, Saturday, September 1, 2012

Posted: June 23, 2012 in Reunion 2012

Are you ready for a blast from the past?

The 1960s were an awesome time in the history of rock and roll. Four lads (I guess we can say lads in America) from the Robbinsdale,Minnesota area would begin a rock and roll band in the fall of 1964 and through a series of changes, become The Nickel Revolution.

The core always remained Louie Lenz (guitar), Scott Jeffy (bass) and Jerry Lenz (drums). The journey would last over six years, concluding early in 1970.   

Let’s pick up where we left off and CELEBRATE!

Nickel Revolution 2012 Reunion

Saturday, September 1, 2012

7pm to 1am (Doors open at 6pm see more details below)

Broadway Bar & Pizza

8298 University Ave. NE

Fridley, MN 55432

FREE ADMISSION (donations accepted at the door to cover expenses).

To be included on the guest list email us here: Nickel Revolution Reunion

Attention Musicians! We invite you to jam with us.

Bring your guitar, drum sticks, horn or hot vocals and we are providing a full backline of amps, etc. LET US KNOW so we can give you a songlist: Nickel Revolution Reunion

Please let us know which member of the band you are friends with or related to so we can note that on the guest list. If this is all new to you and you do not know someone in the band. Louie Lenz is selling VIP tickets at $5.

Email Louie for details:

FOOD (Pizza) at the Reunion must be pre-ordered (otherwise it would be a staffing problem for Broadway). They are requesting a 2-week reservation for pre-ordering your pizza. So, by August 18, 2012, send an email to Louie and he will turn it in to Broadway. Email Louie for details:

Very fitting to hold this event at Broadway Bar and Pizza in that Broadway Pizza was a Robbinsdale High School hangout back in the day, and unlike this band, they didn’t go out of business.  The Fridley location is perfect in that they have a large dance hall with a separate entrance. Our event will not be advertised as we already have a large guest list and we want everyone attending to have a great time on the dance floor instead of standing in line and waiting for a turn on the toilet. Full bar available (not that anyone drinks in Minnesota, but if you feel like an adult beverage, you can purchase them YouBetcha!)

Special Guests

Joining The Nickel Revolution onstage will include some of our children and that will certainly be a special treat. Jordan Lenz (bass and guitar) is Jerry Lenz’s youngest son and he plays with Jerry in The Nickel Blues Band in Orlando,Florida.

Benjamin Jeffy (guitar) and Christopher Jeffy (bass) will be joining the band on stage and it promises to be a great time. We suggest you have an extra set of batteries for your camera, video, or a least charge your cell phone up before you arrive at the reunion.


Dinner before or during the reunion? You can pre-order pizza if you are arriving early. However, you MUST pre-order. Contact Louie Lenz:

Photos From Broadway Bar & Pizza in Fridley Minnesota 

Click Here for Map to Broadway Pizza Fridley

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2012 The New Band: The Nickel Blues Band

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Connie’s Insider was the local newspaper for Minneapolis-St Paul bands, clubs and music industry that wanted the “inside” story on the local scene. The paper was published by Coleman “Connie” Hechter and he truly was a friend to the bands and everyone in the music industry. By trade he was a jazz musician and it was rare for “professional” musicians to have anything to do with rock, R&B bands–let alone, work to build the rock industry. Connie knew everyone and he would greet you by name, so the business that came his way was well deserved as he was a master networker.

The Connie Awards  were appropriately named after him as he worked to bring recognition to the local and regional bands. In this issue of Connie’s Insider you will see the Nickel Revolution (pictures and mentions) as the bands single Oscar Crunch on Mercury-Phillips records won the Best Single for 1969. “Single,” for vinyl-challenged youth is a 45-rpm vinyl record.

Enjoy the insight in to Connie’s Insider. We have several issues to share and will be posting updates in the coming weeks.

Connie’s Insider was the local newspaper for bands, clubs and fans in Minneapolis-St Paul during the late 1960s and early 1970s. The paper was published by Coleman “Connie” Hector after which the Connie Awards were named. We will detail this further in an upcoming post.

Special thanks to Scott Jeffy and Kent Saunders for gathering and scanning several issues of Connie’s Insider so we could share them with you. Each issue is quite lengthy, so we will publish them individually. This issue is from June 7, 1969 and it came out after the Connie Awards in May. Members of The Nickel Revolution can be seen in this issue as their single, Oscar Crunch on Mercury’s Phillps label, was awarded the Connie Award for best single–that’s a 45-rpm record to vinyl-challenged youth.


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In planning the reunion and getting in touch with the various members of The Nickel Revolution, it was shocking to learn that one of our best musicians and singers, Mickey Larson had passed away. With this entry in to The Nickel Revolution, we pay tribute to Mickey.

Upon Ron “Honeybear” Hort’s exit from the band, Mickey was recruited by Keith Luer. Both Keith and Mickey were from Wisconsin. It was 1969 and The Nickel Revolution was a high-earning band as our rates had escalated from the record release and the group was always a high draw for ballrooms and club owners. Keith contacted Mickey and learned he was between bands and was looking to join a group in Minneapolis. It was a very quick process and Mickey was in the band overnight and was such an accomplished musician that it was easy for him to slide into position. He had a strong background before joining the Nickel, including having worked with The Dick Clark Show Band, Chuck Berry, The Everly Brothers and others.

After the Nickel Revolution, Mickey played in various groups including the Tongue Band and finally formed his own band, The Mickey Larson Band. You can see Mickey Larson in action with the Tongue Band in 1974 on this You Tube video

Although it is a very rough video to see clearly, you can hear Mickey’s vocals and excellent keyboard work.

Mickey Larson (Michael K. Larson) – Born February 17, 1947. Died August 12, 2004 (Throat cancer).

In addition to being a professional musician, excellent vocalist and creative individual, Mickey was the guru of groupies. He certainly had a big following. On one particular night, Mickey was entertaining a young girl who was instantly in love with him. I am pretty sure it was one of our many nights at the London Inn in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. She wanted to stay in touch with Mickey and asked if she could write him (yup…no email or Facebook in 1969). Mickey replied, “Sure.” When she asked for his address he rattled off  “423 Roosevelt Street, Minneapolis, MN.” Then the young woman asked Mickey how to spell “Roosevelt” and dumbfounded, Mickey looked at me and said, “Jerry, spell Rosevelt for her.” I teased him about that one for a long time to come. A good musician and vocalist, full of fun and laughs and I will miss seeing him at the reunion. You remain in our thoughts and hearts Mickey!

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The Nickel Revolution was looking forward to an exciting night on August 23, 1968 as the band was appearing in concert with Tommy Boyce and Bobbi Hart, The 1910 Fruitgum Company and Vanilla Fudge—only the Fudge never showed up.

 Anytime a big rock act is a does not show up for a gig, the rumors circulate faster than a can of air freshener at a Candy Floss songwriting session (Candy Floss is the production company that wrote Oscar Crunch…the bubblegum song that The Nickel Revolution was forced to perform).

The Nickel was disappointed like everyone else because the Fudge had a huge hit with their remake of You Keep Me Hanging On. The newspaper article (included here) was not able to provide any answers as to why the Fudge did not show up. However, as the article mentions, the 1910 Fruitgum Company launched into some heavier rock and roll and gave the audience a very good show.

The Nickel Revolution opened the show, followed by Tommy Boyce and Bobbi Hart. Boyce and Hart had a smash hit with I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight? Backstage provided a great opportunity for the Nickel to get to know these talented songwriters who wrote, performed and produced the soundtrack to the pilot of The Monkees (later, the Monkees re-recorded the vocals over Boyce and Hart’s). You can learn more online about the talented team online (Boyce passed away in 1994 at age 55). 

The 1910 Fruitgum Company provided a lot of fun onstage and backstage as well. It was a great opportunity for the Nickel Revolution to get to know them as the band would appear with them in concert a second time.  


1910 Fruitgum Company

Tommy Boyce and Bobbi Hart

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Listen to The Nickel Revolution now on You Tube

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Link for Treat Her Right: Treat Her Right

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